Look into my eyes. Yes, I mean literally. Put a finger here to hold your place and go back to the cover. Stare into my eyes. Imagine what I may be thinking, and then return.

The idea for this book was born when M and I gazed into each other's eyes and began to read what we saw there. I can't type, of course, but M can. She began to record what she saw, adding some details she probably guessed, and here we are, sixty stories later.

Why do I call her M? She says it is because this book contains my stories, not hers.

I agree.

How many cats are there in the world? More than you or I can count. Each cat is different from every other cat. That makes each of us unique, just as you are unique. But we do have some of the same thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In my stories I share mine with you. Purr-haps you will choose to share with others what they bring to mind.

The background photos in the book are from my gallery, showing me in many poses. The photos are in shadow form, making it easier for you to substitute a cat you know, or imagine. Another cat will appear later in the book. You may be curious, but please don't look ahead.

Spend some time with the "Mewsings" at the end of each story. You will find it helpful to discuss them first with yourself, and then with others. Remember a line or two as you go about your day. Try composing mewsings to go with your own life experiences.

I will meet you inside. Welcome to my world. . .



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