A Cat’s Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling With Gentle Self-Help for All Ages
is a cat book with two Authors, Sterling the Cat, and Marta Felber.

Sterling’s early years are a mystery. We pick up his life in Bella Vista, a small town in northwest Arkansas. A kind man found him on an office doorstep and took him to the animal shelter. After no one had claimed him for a month, he was offered for adoption.

M was lonely after the death of her husband and was looking for a cat as company. She saw Sterling, curled up on a top shelf, observing all the cats and kittens milling below. Their eyes met. In that moment, Sterling and M knew they were meant for each other.

What breed is Sterling? “Oh, he is a Korat cat,” one person observed. Another claimed, “I have a Russian Blue cat at home, and Sterling looks just like him.” A new breed, perhaps? It was soon evident that Sterling had memories and fears he could not explain, and a deep need to be loved and accepted. It took many months before Sterling could believe that M was truly his friend, and that she accepted him unconditionally. Gradually, they formed a bond that lasted throughout their years together.

Sterling was a verbal cat, expecting M to answer when he spoke to her. He listened attentively to what she said, and seemed to understand what she meant. Others were amazed at their interchange. M began to write notes about what she felt Sterling was thinking and saying, as he went about his daily life. Thus began the collection of sixty stories in the book, A Cat’s Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling.

Later, Sterling and M moved to North Carolina. A new cat was introduced, rejected, and finally accepted, into Sterling’s life. The two cats became best friends and joined with M to form a triangle of love. Eventually, a physical condition, probably present at birth, caused problems that could not be fixed, and Sterling left this world, in peace, and deeply loved.

“I am a country girl. I love the country. I will never live in a city.” This was Marta Felber’s early life mantra. She was born on a farm outside of Winston Salem NC. The central room of her home was a pre-Civil War log cabin her great-grandfather had built for his bride before he went to war. Little did Marta know that she would some day live in several of the largest cities in the world: Los Angeles, Cairo, London and Jakarta.

Marta graduated from High Point University. She moved to Pennsylvania, the state that became the setting for family, including marriage and the birth of three sons. Eventually four grandchildren and one great grandson entered the family. She continued her education, earning a Masters in Counseling at Lehigh University. She did social work in Lancaster, PA, and counseling in the Palisades School District, Bucks County, PA.

Marta began her overseas living, as School Counselor at the Cairo American College in Egypt. Next she became Head of the Counseling Center for expatriates in Jakarta, Indonesia, a position she held for ten years. She returned to the US and entered private practice in counseling. After the death of her husband, Marta wrote two books, Grief Expressed, When a Mate Dies and Finding Your Way after Your Spouse Dies.

A recent move brought her back to Winston Salem NC, where she continues writing, photography, and keeping fit through walking and yoga.


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