Title: A Cat’s Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling
Subtitle: with Gentle Self-Help for All Ages
Author: Marta Felber
Publisher: LifeWords Publishing
US Distribution: Ingram, Baker and Taylor
UK Distribution: Garners, Bertrams (projected)
ISBN: 978-0-9799214-1-4
LC: 2008905217
Size: 8 ½” x 11”
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback
Price: $14.95
Publication Date: February 12, 2009
First Print Run: 6,000 (projected)

Telephone: 1-336-631-5456


: Celebrating an Unknown Side of President Lincoln—as Cat Lover!

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Sterling Talks With Interviewers

Suggested Interview Questions:
• I sit on a top shelf in the Shelter. Nobody wants me!
• She will never pick me, I think, but she does. I'm scared and howl in the car.

• I don't believe M is for real. How can she possibly accept me as I am?
• Before M, my claws were cut off. I mark the carpet because I am so angry.
• Welcome to my free lesson stretching.
• I'm a great ball player, but the balls disappear. Where do they go?
• Are you afraid of thunderstorms? Can I help?
• M leaves me. I wait and wait and wait.
• Alice, the doll, speaks to me.
• M comes home from the hospital. Can a cat be a nurse?
• There is another cat living in our home -- a ghost cat!
• Why doesn't my motor turn on when I try to make it turn on?
• Oh no. The vet says I need to lose weight!
• Ask me about the night I caused a catastrophe.
• We travel one thousand miles in a car. I take off my leash, all by myself.
• My birthday party is one big flop.
• Miss Fit -- that's my name for her -- comes into my life. I try to get rid of her.
• In story number sixty I reveal a secret. Ask me and I'll tell you.
• At the end of every story I write Mewsings, a few lines where I make sense of what happens to me. Come from your big, out-of-control world to my little manageable world and I will meet you there.

Widow (Felber) captures the thoughts and feelings of her Cat (Sterling) in the book
A Cat’s Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling

Suggested Interview Questions:
• How did the idea for this book originate?
• How much is truth and how much fiction?
• Describe Sterling physically.
• In what ways did Sterling communicate?
• Why does Sterling refer to you in the book as “M”?
• The book has photos of Sterling on every page. Talk about the photos.

• In what ways did you field test this book?
• What is the significance of the “Mewsings” at the end of each story?
• “With Gentle Self-Help for All Ages” is the sub-title. Explain.
• What impact did Sterling’s illness and death have on publication?
• What fulfillment did Sterling bring into your life as a widow?
• How is Sterling's book related to your other published books?
• What are your two favorite stories, and why?
• Share your dreams and expectations for this book.

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