A veterinarian, journalist, school counselor, magazine editor, creativity coach,
and three authors share their thoughts after reading

A Cat’s Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling
with Gentle Self-Help for All Ages

Look into a cat's eyes and you will find intelligence and mystery. "If only," you think, "this cat could talk." In this charming book we find a cat, who not only talks, but also reflects upon human lives. Join Sterling, a wise and witty cat, as he reveals to his human companion, M, the joy of a special relationship, the fear of change, the wonder of the unexpected, and the power of love. Ponder his "Mewsings" and you will find he is more than just a cat. Sterling is a furry philosopher of the human heart.

-Roberta Lockwood, Creativity Coach

As his Veterinarian for several years, I feel fortunate to be a part of the Sterling story. A distinctly unique cat, his stories and "Mewsings" are a testament to the special intuitive relationship with his owner. His perspective gives new meaning to that thing we call daily life. More than a cat, Sterling is a companion, a counselor, and a philosopher. He reminds us that everything we need to know we can learn from a cat.

-Joel L. Fox, DVM

A book of delicate wonder and gentle wisdom! The unique perspective invites us to withdraw from a hurly burly world -- and savor the satisfying joy of each day.

-Jennifer L. Stevenson, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, president of Winston-Salem Writers

Sterling is a keen observer of life from many angles -- an excellent resource for readers of all ages as we move through developmental stages. Hearing life's lessons such as using anger productively, adjusting to new situations, and developing fulfilling relationships from Sterling's perspective is less threatening for children and adolescents than the direct approach. Definitely a must-have book for school counselors.

-Leslie Martin Rainey, Ph.D., Professional School Counselor

Marta Felber and her companion cat, Sterling, here allow us, their readers, to enter mystery -- that amazing place between species where love transcends difference, distance, and even death.

-Pat Schneider, author, nine books including Writing Alone and With Others

Marta designed this book as a read aloud for all ages. It is an invitation to each of us to withdraw from the whirlwind of daily doings and tense times, to a warm and cozy place where a beloved pet attempts to make sense of his world.

Follow Sterling's adventures as he learns to teach, control, amuse, delight, exasperate and love his mistress.

-Kay Winters, children's book author

As a lifelong cat lover, I was charmed by Sterling's diary, and amused that his human companion's commentaries position him as a self-help philosopher for humans. Spend an hour or so with Sterling, and find your way back to the things that matter when the news is turned off and the day's cares slip away.

-Shel Horowitz, author of Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People First and six other books

Sterling probably was reading over the shoulder of his best friend and companion, Marta, when she wrote, Grief Expressed: When a Mate Dies and Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies, and he knows how comforting a pet can be when one is missing a dearly loved human companion. Pawing right through the tangled yarn of the superficial and shallow in life's everyday challenges, he pulls out deep insights and delivers wisdom. Evidently, having nine lives does provide a unique perspective on life!

-Andrea Gambill, Editor of Grief Digest magazine


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